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TOP (5) Yoga Clothing Affiliate Program For You

Are you a blogger or do you own an online platform like a website? Are you interested in making more profit with your online platform? Are you a good health advocate or do you have an interest in fitness and well-being?

There is good news for you, you can make extra money through yoga clothing affiliate programs by signing up for free, making referrals, and then getting a commission from every sale made from your referrals.

What You Should Know About The Yoga clothing affiliate programs? Yoga clothing affiliate programs are opportunities given to people with online platforms to market yoga clothing for other online sales platforms by referring potential customers to the seller through options like referral links or banners and they get a commission for the sale of each product.

The Growing Yoga Market

As more people become conscious of the state of their health, including physical and mental health, together with more people who desire to get relief from stress, lose weight and many who want to stay fit, flexible and healthy, the yoga market will continue growing.

Therefore, there are lots of opportunities in the world of yoga practice. It has been recorded that about 37 million people took part in Yoga practice in the United States in 2015. The number is also expected to increase over time to over 55 million in the year 2020.

The yoga industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. More yoga classes are being established, gyms are booming, and more practices are being done with yoga videos online or offline.

One thing is certain, yogis have to wear suitable cloth for their practice especially one that offers great comfort and this is where you can come in. You can build a business around the yoga practice.

You can set up a blog where you talk about health, fitness, and the interesting world of yoga practice and make money through the various yoga clothing affiliate programs. Even if you sell yoga accessories, the possibility is that you don’t sell everything so you can still make extra money through the affiliate program.

5 Yoga Clothing Affiliate Programs That Might Interest You

1. The Gaiam Affiliate Program

You can join the award-winning Gaiam affiliate program for free and get commissions for every made through your referral to their website. When you join the program, you have access to numerous amazing Yoga clothing.

The Gaiam affiliate program offers up to 10% commission on products sold and 10 days default return. Their website is very visitor friendly.

They also have creative ad banners that affiliates can use on their platforms.  Affiliate partners also frequent letters with product information and strategies on how to increase their commission.

They also have a very efficient affiliate team, easy payout method (via the LinkShare Affiliate Network) and it is easy to set up. To sign up or get more information, visit the Gaiam Affiliate Program link above.

2. Barefoot Yoga

Having been in operation since 1998, Barefoot yoga has been a home of yoga products that are of good quality and eco-friendly. They were the first innovator and introducer of many yoga products like yoga mat bag, Indian Rosewood blocks and the Bamboo blocks.

The barefoot Yoga affiliate program offers 10% commission on all sales to their affiliates on all ranges of product. They manage their affiliate programs through ShareASale. Barefoot offer only a vast array of products but also helps the affiliate in marketing with a 60 days cookie.

3. Yoga Direct

With a good price, Yoga Direct has been the biggest direct manufacturer and importer of high-quality yoga props and accessories since 1999 with 24 hours order shipping and international shipping to 27 countries.

As an affiliate, you can earn a 10% commission on all sales and also enjoy a 30 days cookie. Yoga Direct also uses ShareASale for their affiliate program management.

Affiliates have access to numerous yoga products and a regular monthly newsletter and they also offer free shipping for orders from $75 and above. With Yoga Direct, you have a guarantee for getting yoga clothing at the lowest price.

4. Beyond Yoga Affiliate Program

Beyond yoga was a product of Jodi Guber Brufsky’s passion to help women enjoy a great and fulfilling life with healthy self-esteem. Beyond the desire to have women live an amazing life is a beautiful yoga-inspired collection of amazing clothing for women.

These clothing collections are aimed at giving comfort, style, and confidence to the woman. Beyond Yoga is open for partnership or affiliates who would be a part of giving the modern woman a great life.

Affiliates can check out the Beyond Yoga site for more details on how to start up and earn a commission from sales made through their referral links and banners.

Interested affiliates are to register free of charge and Beyond Yoga offers 10-12% commission rate with 45 days cookie. Affiliates are paid through ShareASale each month either by check or direct bank deposit once you have made up to $50.

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5. Chandra Yoga And Active Wear’s Affiliate Program

Chandra Yoga and Active wear’s affiliate program allows you to partner with them in the sales of high-quality yoga products at a discounted rate and also earn commissions from every sale. The affiliate program is free, easy, and requires no previous technical skills to start earning through your online platform.

The affiliate is expected to refer customers to their site through various options like referral links or banners provided by the store. Discount is given to any customer who clicks on the banner or links and gets redirected to their site.

Once the sales are closed, the affiliate gets the commission. Chandra Yoga and Active Wears offer a 15% commission on pay-per-sale for each you deliver. Affiliates also have a $10 minimum balance required for payout and a 10% discount on each purchased item.

You can sign up with Chandra Yoga and Active Wears. You can also access your performance through their site; how much traffic you have generated, commission and sales.