The Rise of Nude Yoga

nude yoga woman (what nude yoga is)What is nude yoga?

Nude yoga is a trendy form of fitness mostly performed by beautiful body celebrities. In nude yoga, you have to do your fitness exercises while you are completely naked (i.e. without any clothes on your body). Nude yoga can be performed either indoor or outdoor. You can perform nude yoga alone or with your partner. Nude yoga breaks the barriers that disable you from exercising at certain postures due to your attire. Many people have now embraced nude yoga classes and it has become common.

Benefits of nude yoga

Practicing nude yoga has got more physiological benefits than the physical benefits. Below are the top five benefits of nude yoga:

1. Nude yoga boosts your self-esteem. Nude yoga makes you start loving your body. It makes you acknowledge, respect and feel comfortable with your body. Having confidence with your nude body makes you more confident on wearing clothes since you will be having nothing to worry about

2. Nude yoga calms your mind.It enables you to focus on what you are doing, therefore, increasing your mind-body connection simply because there is nothing between you and your practice. It brings exciting feelings, therefore, the best cure for stress.

3. It boost’s your partner’s mood. Nude yoga helps you bring your partner closer to you. It makes you feel good about your sexuality. It makes you feel comfortable with your partner. It makes your partner feel more sexually attracted to you. It improves your sex life.

4. Nude yoga reduces anxiety. Practicing nude exercises lowers your anxiety. It should be done daily after working to help you feel refreshed and shy away anxiety.

5. Nude yoga improves your yoga postures. Some of the yoga postures cannot be done with attires, you need to be free in order to practice them. With nude yoga, you can exercise any yoga position freely and naturally.

Are there any nude yoga classes?

Nude yoga classes are there for gents, ladies and also mixed classes. You do not have to fear about what people will say about your body or what they are thinking about you. The hardest part of it for beginners is getting undressed as they feel conscious about their body because they are not used to being naked in front of strange people. In mixed nude yoga classes, all of the members have to undress. At first, you may feel uncomfortable being naked in front someone of your opposite sex whereby you will be thinking that he or she is interested in sexual parts either your penis, vagina or your buttocks. This is simply because in nude yoga classes you will all be naked and also all of you will be after looking for freedom of freshness just like you do. No one is there to observe you since all of you will be following the instructor’s instructions. After some time you will get used to being naked and you will have nothing else to worry about. In these nude yoga classes, you will gain confidence and you will also be in a position to appreciate how your body looks like.