Can You Do Yoga On A Keto Diet?

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Keto diet is a low carbohydrate diet. It consists of basically 80% fat and it has been proven to have a lot of health benefits like reducing the risk of cancer, improving the health condition of the heart and also has the potential to reduce seizures for people with epilepsy.

Yoga, on the other hand, is a physical and mental exercise aimed at creating harmony in the body and mind. Yoga and keto diet are like two different kinds of worlds so then you might be wondering; is yoga good for keto diet?

Can I Do Yoga On A Keto Diet? Maybe you are on a keto diet and you have read about the many benefits of yoga and would love to start but you are not too sure if you can do yoga on a keto diet. Well, yes you can. You can complement your keto diet with Yoga.

There have been many proven additional health benefits of complementing your keto diet with yoga. So, yes you can still do yoga even when you are on a keto diet.

Is Yoga Good For The Keto Diet?

It has been proven that both yoga and keto diet have their benefits. But just in case you are wondering if the combination of these two would be detrimental or beneficial to your overall health.

Well, keto diet and yoga can work hand in hand to give you a combined health benefit. There are a lot of additional benefits you can derive from complementing these two with each other.

Both keto and yoga have their benefits. Yoga is a low energy consuming exercise.

It helps improves flexibility as well as increase muscle strength and tone. Yoga can also help reduce various chronic pains like back pain, headaches, arthritis, and much more.

Yoga also aids in weight reduction. Yoga also has a lot of mental benefit such as helping to reduce anxiety. It also gives you a positive outlook on life.

Keto diet, on the other hand, helps in weight reduction. It also helps to reduce acne. Keto diet has also been proven to reduce the risk of cancer. It can help prevent or even treat certain cancers.

Likewise, it can help in improving the health condition of the heart. Keto diet also helps to protect the brain functioning.

It has been proven by health practitioners that ketosis has the potential to reduce seizures in people with epilepsy.

These two just as you have seen from above have a lot of amazing benefits but then combining them can help you derive much more additional benefits.

Complementing these two with each other would help you live a very healthy and meaningful life.

What Are The Benefits Of Keto Diet And Yoga?

As earlier discussed, the ketogenic diet and yoga both have their perks. But then combining these two would help you derive a much greater benefit. So, here are additional benefits you will derive from combining both keto diet and yoga.

  • It will improve your motion range, strength, and balance. Using ketones as a source of energy would help improve flexibility and increase your strength and balance when doing yoga.
  • It will help in improving the overall physique. Keto diet is said to reduce the physical strength of a person. In this state, doing extensive anaerobic exercises to keep fit might not be possible because they require a lot of energy. Yoga, on the other hand, does not require a lot of energy and can still be used to achieve your fitness plan. So, if you still want to maintain your fitness physique even while on a keto diet, then you should consider complementing your ketogenic diet with yoga.
  • Aids in weight loss. Yoga is much more than mediation and stretching. It also can help with weight reduction. Yoga would improve your mental capacity and would help improve your focus and determination to help you in achieving your fitness goal. So, combining a ketogenic diet whose main objective is weight loss with yoga would help you lose some pounds.
  • It helps in relieving stress. Among the notable benefits of yoga is that it helps in improving your perspective about life. Combining yoga with keto diet which is aimed at helping you feel good about yourself would help relieve worry and anxiety.
  • The combination of the keto diet, as well as yoga, can also help to improve your sleep. Sleep has a vital connection with your lifestyle. Stress and anxiety can deprive you of sleep and just like has been mentioned above, ketogenic diet and yoga can help clear your mind from anxiety which would, in turn, help you to sleep soundly. Obesity also causes sleep disorders and fortunately, this can be addressed through the keto diet.

What Do You Eat On A Keto Diet?

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Keto diet has become quite popular lately mainly because of its health benefits. Keto diet is a low carbohydrate diet, adequate protein, and a high-fat diet. Keto diet consists primarily of 80% fat. Here are some examples of foods that fit into your ketogenic diet plan.

  • Seafood like fish, salmon, and so on.
  • Low carbohydrate vegetables
  • Avocados
  • Poultry and meat
  • Cheese
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Yogurt
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
  • Cream and butter

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What Shouldn‘t You Eat On A Keto Diet?

Here are some examples of the kind of foods you need to steer clear of on your ketogenic diet.

  • Bread and dough
  • Sweets and sugary foods
  • Sweetened beverages
  • Noodles and spaghetti.
  • Grains and grain products like rice, wheat, oats, cereals, and so on
  • Beans
  • Fruits like citrus, bananas, grapes, pineapples, and so on.
  • Starchy vegetables like potatoes, pumpkin, corn, peas, etc
  • Certain alcoholic beverages also need to be avoided at all cost
  • Processed foods like fast food
  • Processed meats like a hot dog

In conclusion, before proceeding to start your ketogenic diet plan, be sure to consider the pros and cons carefully. Also, ensure you do it only on a medical directive so it wouldn’t hurt your health.

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Yoga’s Insider Secret on Back Flexibility Discovered

Back Flexibility

The Back Flexibility Stories

Muscle strength becomes affected, and there’s considerable pain when using the chest muscles. Back flexibility is crucial for our general health. Make certain you continue forward flexibility too. The cool thing about flexibility is that any blend of the stretches above will help you better your flexibility provided that you consistently work on it a small bit each and every day. The benefits of our flexibility training plan for dancers are many. So stretching you do will the very best use of your time, because you’ll be working on the most significant stretches for your requirements.

The important point here is to prevent a minimal back arch. It’s probably your back is now stiff over years, and that’s not likely to be fixed in a couple weeks. A flexible back ensures your whole body is able to move properly throughout your day. After a couple of minutes, add another pillow, and add a third pillow after a number of minutes more, provided that your low back doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Lie on the roll so that it rests against the base of your shoulder blades, near the middle of your back.

Because most flexibility training is simply bad. Also, back exercises ought never to be completed in a rush. Stretching exercises help to boost flexibility of the rear bone and muscles. Your back feels really tight and stops you from doing a good deal of the activities or exercises you’d love to. Pilates exercises are a really good means to do low impact back exercises. No matter the reason for your tight or achy back, the next routine will help you to get better.

Getting the Best Back Flexibility

Never overstretch your back muscles i.e. stretch just to the limit your entire body allows. Don’t forget your back is a delicate portion of your entire body and you need don’t push it too hard. It’s important to get strong neck muscles and core muscles to be able to hold a wholesome posture for the spine.

The best method to eliminate back pain is to make certain you have a full selection of motion in all surrounding muscles. A good deal of men and women suffer from pain and stiffness in the rear neck. Frequent back pain is brought on by lots of factors, one of which is assuming a poor posture whether you’re sitting or standing. Back pain or tightness isn’t always well understood.

Studio Teachers

Studio Teachers

sweScott W. Eakins, RYT, Owner

Scott is a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance and completed his 200+ hour training with Dean Farrell at Yoga Ward (Milwaukee, WI). He typically enjoys a challenging and upbeat practice that flows; is kind and therapeutic to the muscles and body, and gives honor to where he is at the moment. Yoga is not a competition but a moment of personal practice. Through his teaching, he motivates others in their own practice and shares his love of yoga where, as Pattabhi Jois says, it is “99 percent practice and 1 percent theory.”

Scott became the owner of Yoga Ward in 2015 and continues to strive to provide a non-intimidating and supportive environment for people of all backgrounds and levels to explore mind, body and spirit through the practice of Yoga.

KristineKristine David-Koch, RYT

My classes are Vinyasa Flow, as well as alignment based and suitable for all mixed levels. We flow through postures that are entertaining for novices and the more experienced alike. I love to inspire and empower students at all levels to practice and play, with attention to alignment, longer holds and gentle adjustments.

For me yoga is challenging, fun, and should be practiced with a sense of humor. Yoga is not just for the experienced and fit, but fun for the beginners as well. I enjoy teaching high school athletes, senior citizens, and all ages in between. Start where you are today, and really, it’s okay to laugh along the way.  Just breathe.  Everything else is optional!

Kristine is a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance and completed her 200+ hour training at Yoga Ward.

melanieMelanie Kazel, RYT

Melanie is a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance and completed her 200+ hour training in the Milwaukee area.

She was introduced to yoga 8 years ago recovering from a running injury. Melanie came to yoga for its physical benefits, but shortly realized its transforming effects in all aspects of her life.

Through her practice, she found an overwhelming sense of happiness and acceptance. She enjoys a challenging, upbeat practice and is committed to sharing her passion for yoga with her students. She hopes to motivate her students to accept challenges and rise above them, both on and off the mat.

schusterRebecca Schuster

I was introduced to yoga by my mother and sister at a neighborhood studio in my native city of New York. Since then I have practiced at different studios in various cities including Yoga Atlanta.

I am a graduate of Kanyakumari’s Yoga Teacher Training program under Sarah Filzen. This program taught me not only the physical intricacies of asana but also energetic anatomy as well as a basic foundation in Pranayama (Yogic breath work) and yoga’s sister science Ayurveda. This program has broadened my knowledge of yoga and also how much more there is to learn.

I love yoga in that my practice is ever evolving and deepening. Yoga brings stability and openness to one’s mind and body. A greater understanding and acceptance of one’s self and place in the universe.

My classes aim at giving a sense of empowerment and grace to people. I also aim to help people become more aware of their breath and internal movements.

The practice of yoga is a life long lesson that anyone can learn. I aim to continue learning and to be inspired by those who attend my classes.

Reina Takamura, RYT

I have always been fascinated with creative movement and how it affects me physically, psychologically, and emotionally. My dance background and love for movement attracted me to yoga in 2011. Shortly after, I graduated with my Master’s in Social Work with a focus on behavioral and mental health. Since then, I have found growth in my personal yoga practice on many different levels. I believe, like many things in life, that yoga effects everyone differently. I have discovered the beauty of yoga and how it can be tailored to an individual’s specific needs; whether it be: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and/or psychologically.

I decided to further my yoga practice by enrolling in the Yoga Teacher Training Program offered by Dean Farrell at Yoga Ward, in hopes to share yoga with others. I am a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance and completed my 200 hour training in vinyasa/vini-yoga. I continue to grow in my personal practice and within my clinical practice. Yoga has allowed me to be discovered and connect with myself and everything around me and I wish to share that experience with others.