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9 Best Beginner Yoga Amazon Prime Resource

You’ve decided to take your physical, mental, and spiritual well being to the next level through yoga practice ensuring the healthy state of your body and mind. It might be a tough call but Amazon Prime has got you covered.

Great benefits await you as you experience increased flexibility, improved health conditions (including cardio and circulation health), improved metabolism, strength, stress reduction, weight loss and lots more.

You will surely need a good guide as a beginner to yoga practice. Amazon Prime offers you a variety of the best instructional videos from great instructors such as; Yoga For Beginners: Pose for Strength, Flexibility and Relaxation, Yoga for Beginners: A Complete Guide, 30 Days of Yoga To a New You.

Other helpful yoga materials for beginners and kits are also available in Amazon Prime.

Interestingly, with Amazon Prime membership, you are entitled to free yoga classes and other videos. As a non-member of Amazon Prime, you have the opportunity to try one for 30 days for free.

These materials benefit people on a budget and also those on a tight schedule since you can practice your yoga at your own time and any place you choose. Let’s take a closer look at the best beginner videos available on Amazon Prime.

So get your game on. You are in for a long and exciting ride.

List Of 9 Best Beginner’s Guide For Yoga On Amazon Prime

Picture of 9 Best Yoga Amazon Prime Resource

1. Yoga For Beginners: Poses for Strength, Flexibility and Relaxation ( with Kanta Barrios)

This one hour, fourteen minutes video was released in 2010. It is divided into four different parts; the warm-up sequence, standing poses, sitting poses and restorative yoga.

The video is very beginner-friendly as it moves at a fairly slow pace to ensure your full participation. You will find it easy to follow the instructor. Many found this video very helpful as they began their journey into the world of yoga practice and enjoyed the many benefits.

The moves in this video are not complex and there‚Äôs no disturbing background noise. It might be challenging at the beginning but with consistent practice, you’ll find it easy.

2. Yoga For Beginners: A Complete Guide (with Anne Marie Newlands)

This 55 minutes video available in Amazon Prime gives you an in-depth insight into getting the poses. She intensively explains proper breathing, sun salutation, basic yoga poses, and stretches.

She gives you the basic start for yoga practices with clear instructions and demonstrations. You will also find it easy to follow her lead. She recommends some yoga props and some possible alternatives to these props.

3. 30 Days Of Yoga To A New You ( with Jess Timist)

This yoga video contains 30 classes and has a duration of between 20-30 minutes by an amazing, clear and energetic instructor.

This yoga video will help beginners and those experiencing difficulties in exercising take up a 30 days transformational plunge into yoga practice with each day’s tasks building upon the previous.

4. Yoga Sweat: Beginner’s Power Yoga

Are you considering weight loss or a good workout? Check out this 25 classes video. With beginner-friendly techniques and a good pace, this yoga video exposes you to well guided intense poses with a reasonable demand on your muscles.

A 20 minutes yoga workout that will make you sweat so it is easier to incorporate it into your schedules with high output though the video is more masculine and with a male instructor.

5. Full-Body Flexibility Yoga ( with Krysten Scott)

Krysten Scott takes yoga newbies who are interested in having a more flexible body on a three-part series on improving their flexibility and mobility boosting. The focus is that the practitioner will be able to do splits.

Krysten Scott in this informative guide of about 20-30 minutes walks you into a more flexible body.

6. Gentle Good Morning Yoga Flow For Beginners ( with Nikka Nadia)

In this two-class yoga routine video of 30 minutes each, Nadia takes you through an early morning yoga session. Nadia, in her unique way, wakes your body up and helps your body and heart with her fine and lighthearted instructions.

With this yoga practice, you are good to go for the day. If you love getting your day started with a good workout, Check out Nikka Nadia’s yoga practice video on Amazon Prime.

7. Happy Yoga (with Sarah Starr)

Sarah Starr helps you through a recovery process or other related issues that require such therapeutic moves with her unique yoga practice. She uses a chair in some of her yoga practice to guide you through an amazing yoga experience.

Even folks on a wheelchair and other related issues would find some of Sarah’s yoga poses useful. With amazing locations, you would find Sarah’s video interesting.

8. Yoga Meditation For Stress and Anxiety Relief (with Katrina Repman)

Everyone goes through stressful moments once in a while and for some persons, it is regularly. Those moments you feel as if you are losing it.

Don’t give up but get your game back together with Katrina Repman who in her 20 minutes yoga routine helps you relax your body and mind. You can do these routines in the evening or morning.

9. Yoga Therapy For Back Pain and Stress Relief ( with Kanta Barrios)

After all the day’s activities, sitting on a bad posture for a long time, the chances are high that you would complain of back pain. This is often coupled with the stress you go through every day to earn a living.

Kanta takes you through about an hour of mild yoga practice that will help you relieve stress and back pain. Some yoga props are also required in this yoga routine. So ease yourself of that back pain and stress and enjoy a happier life.