Yoga Etiquette 101

Students that are new to the studio are curious if there is an etiquette to practicing yoga. In response to their question, here are some reminders and tips about yoga etiquette. Please don’t hesitate to ask our staff any additional questions.

1) Please arrive to class a few minutes early.

This is particularly important if you are new to the studio. We will need a few extra minutes to process your paperwork and introduce you to the staff and studio.

2) Take your shoes off at the door.

Do not wear your shoes beyond the carpet. Since we are walking around barefoot, we need to keep the floors clean for hygienic purposes. Place all of your belongings in the closet to keep a clutter free space.

3) Turn off cell phones and pagers.

4) Quietly unroll your mat.

Allowing your mat to slam down on the floor is very startling for those meditating.

5) Avoid wearing heavy colognes/perfumes.

6) No gum chewing gum during class.

7) Honor your mind and body. Take breaks in a resting pose when necessary.

9) Finish the entire class.

Leaving early is disruptive.

10) Savasana – Do not leave during savasana.

Please observe and respect this time of silence and relaxation.

Hopefully this will answer most of your questions about yoga etiquette. Our staff is here to make your yoga experience as pleasant as possible. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. We love what we do and enjoy the opportunity to share this ancient mind/body practice with you.